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Annual 2004 - Bologna illustrators of children's books
Collectif : Chiara Albertoni, Kristina Andres, Kamen Anev, Sara Baronchelli.
This is the official catalog of the 2004 Bologna Illustrators' Exhibition, showcasing recent work by 100 of the finest illustrators of children's literature from around the world. The pictures were chosen for their originality, their artistic and technical merit and their appeal to children. Along with the artwork, the catalog includes essential biographical information about the artists represented, making this an ideal reference for all who delight in contemporary children's book illustration. 
Again this year, a huge number of illustrators entered the Illustrators' Exhibition organized by the Bologna Children's Book Fair. The panel of judges-a team of internationally respected publishers and art school professors-selected 100 artists out of 2705 participants from all over the world. "We five jurors came from five different countries, representing three continents. During the judging process, we learned much about each other and gained unique insight into how art is viewed in other lands -not only through interaction with each other but also through the artwork itself. 
While we each brought different experiences and perspectives to the selection process, we were united by a single belief : that the five of us would act collectively in the selection process."  
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